Our Founding Donors

Thank you to the people listed below who stepped up to the plate to provide the seed dollars for the Gig Harbor Land Conservation Fund. Thanks to these folks, we were able to open the Fund with the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation and now we are ready to grow! Donate today and we'll add your name to our supporter list!

Randy Babich

Max and Jayme Belle

Elaine & Leigh Blaugrund

Barbra Daelman

Robyn Denson

Kirsten Gregory

Roger & Praveen Henderson

Beth Herold

Bob Himes

Lynn and Bryan Jabs

Jo Jensen & and Matt Means

Darrell Johnson

Jennifer Keating

Margarita Leas

Brenda and Jim Lykins

Kenneth and Barbara Malich

Karen McDonell

Patricia Mulligan

Angela Sisney

Nicole Vogel-Jones

Jeni & Del Woock

Lucy Zhou

Trail Pic 4 (1).jpg

$10,000 Plus - Orca 

The Stearns Family Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999 - Salmon 

Michael & Kelly Perrow

$2,500 - $4,999 - Eagle 

Esther Shulich

$1,000 - $2,500 - Otter 

Darice & Jose Alfaro

Robyn Denson

Diana Dundore

Margaret Ellis

Mark & Marilyn Hoppen

Jeff & Kate Katke
Jo Jensen & Matt Means
Kenneth and Barbara Malich
Karen McDonell

George and Marcia Pollitt

Sharon Snuffin
Lucy Zhou

$500 - $999 - Osprey

Michael Behrens

Jake & Patricia Bujacich

Cathy Cowley and Francis Kinney
Barbra Daelman

Gig Harbor Rotary North
Kirsten Gregory
Roger & Praveen Henderson
Bob Himes
Lynn and Bryan Jabs    
Darrell Johnson    

John & Pat Lantz
Margarita Leas

Rick & Meredity Machin
Chuck and Charli Meachum 

Jane and Dennis Moore

Bruce and Beth Morse

Patrick  Mulcare
Patricia Mulligan

Chris Rurik

Lynn and Jamie Stevenson

National Philanthropic Trust

Joseph and Margaret Tieger
Jeni & Del Woock


$250 - $499- Seal

Randy Babich

Classy Chassis Car Wash - Gig Harbor

Phyllis Henry

Beth Herold

Bob Hines

Jennifer Keating

John Krawczyk
Brenda and Jim Lykins   

Kathleen and Andrew Mauro

Rand Mueller

Mary O'Brien 

Denny & Sheryl Richards
Angela Sisney

Nicole Vogel-Jones 

$100 - $249- Heron

Steve Ainsle

Jacqueline Allen 

Miriam and Rick Battson

Max and Jayme Belle

Elaine and Leigh Blaugrund

David and Mary Brett

Mike Cameron

Suzi Crawford

Stephen Curran

Tony & Esperanza DeMarco

Kathy Glaser

Karen Gunderson

Nicole Hicks

Olga Inglebritson

Karim Kovacevic

Michael Lazarus

Kathleen Nims

Jackie Olivier

Erin Pope

Rebecca Ross

Larry and Carla Seaquist

Heidi Steele

Kathy Taylor

Sophie Tinney

Cindy Vincent

Jerry and Barbara Walton

Laurie Watson

Dennis Williams

Susan & David Winningham

Judy & Dean Zimmerman

Other- Kingfisher

Alan and Mary Barber

Marian Berejikian

Jody Cox

Martha Derr

Nichol Everett

Wendy Givan

Mathieu Godbout

Erin Goodwill

James and Fran Haberstro

Margot Knight

Patricia Locke

Mary Manning

Diane Martin

Angela May

Alfred and Janet Muhle

Laura Murphy

Susannah Nuriel

Sally Perkins

Erin Reetz

Dan Rivera

Patti Rodgers

Robert Scoltess

Mary Ann Seiwerath

John and Candace Sheehan

Twila Slind

Lauren Warner

Pete Weymiller

Melissa Zacharias

Invest In Conservation in Gig Harbor

The GHLCF welcomes donations from people, businesses or foundations interested in investing in the preservation of Gig Harbor’s natural beauty. There are many options to donate to the GHLCF:

- Make a tax-deductible donation today online at www.gigharborlandconservation.com

- Send a check to: “Gig Harbor Land Conservation Fund” c/o Greater Tacoma Foundation - 950 Pacific Avenue, Suite 1100, Tacoma, WA 98402

- Contact ghlandfund@gmail.com for information about making a planned gift or gift of real estate, stock, retirement accounts or business interests.  We've had families set up memorial funds for lost loved ones as well - a touching tribute.